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Wanna know what this idiot just got reminded of? When someone asks you why you think something on any matter dependant on your opinion of them personally, NEVER TELL THEM!

> But then what do you say Jim?

"Man! What's with this weather?"
"I'm sorry, I just kinda feel that way, you know?"
"MY HAIR IS ON FIRE!" *run away screaming*

Seriously, ALL of these are an improvement over the consequences of saying, "In my experience, I don't think you're especially effective at the kind of tasks required here, so let's approach this from another angle that lowers this project's dependancy on your weak points to subsequently improve it's chances of success."

> But Jim! Without that kind of rational dialog, how do you ever resolve disputes or do any kind of even semi-rational planning?

You wait for everyone to leave and then pull our your reserve of Jack and Coke and drink until you can't remember the festering hate in your heart any more, or it stops beating. Either one really solves the problem. If you aren't rich enough to afford a lethal amount of alcohol, you just let it fester in the back of your mind until the very thought of interacting with the person makes you want to gouge their eyes out and you end up screaming at them at random when they haven't said anything.

And there I've explained every stupid idiotic social group my little 5 year experiment encountered.